You feta believe we’ve got pasta Search Trends

Every season of quarantine can be marked by a food trend. Last year around this time, we were all experimenting with sourdough and banana bread. On the heels of our carbo loads came dalgona coffee. I’d be remiss not to mention the viral quesadilla hack...

Eight women kicking butt and taking (domain) names

Who do you think of when you hear the words sister, daughter, mother? How about when the words are leader, founder, CEO? As a mom of three, I want my kids to grow up in a world where the second set of words is as likely as the first to bring a woman to...

Improving the patient experience

Steps to improve patient experience

Clearly communicate the advantages of patient surveysFocus on the whole and not the individual.Use technology to make patient experiences seamlessMake analog tools digitalShow empathy

Improving the patient...

The 5 best data analysis tools

Best 5 data analysis tools


Data analysis is the process of curating, organizing, and presenting data in a meaningful way. Today’s businesses collect several terabytes of data each year if not each da...

Google TV for everyone in the family

It’s Saturday morning and my son is pointing at the TV, cheerful as ever. The “You’re Welcome” music video from Disney’s “Moana” is playing for the tenth time. As a new father, I’m always thinking about the role technology will play in my children’s li...

What is lead tracking?

Making a sale is a long game that requires many steps over many days, weeks, or months sometimes even years. To make the sales process as efficient as possible, it’s important to have a system in place that organizes all of your information.

Lead ...

How to Make a Gaming Website With WordPress in 2021 (Step by Step)

Do you want to learn how to make a gaming website with WordPress? Gaming has never been more popular. With your own gaming website, you can create a gaming community, start a popular gaming blog, and even earn a side income. In this article, we’ll… Read More »
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The Case for Reading for Pure Pleasure

One of my most cherished summer traditions is taking off from my company, JotForm, and spending a week outdoors picking olives on my family’s farm in Turkey. I consider this time away from screens and spreadsheets critically important to my wellbeing,...

How to Optimize Your WordPress Robots.txt for SEO

Recently one of our readers asked us for tips on how to optimize the robots.txt file to improve SEO. Robots.txt file tells search engines how to crawl your website which makes it an incredibly powerful SEO tool. In this article, we will show you how… Read More »
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Release Radar · February 2021 Edition

The open source community is always hard at work. February’s projects were super hard to pick since there are so many amazing releases. These are exciting new releases from some of the coolest projects around.

Five #BlackGirlsWhoBlog to follow now

In 2014, Morgan Pitts was a recent college graduate with a small following of fellow Black women on Twitter and a serious interest in blogging. When we recently caught up with Morgan, she recalled an off-the-cuff tweet that mobilized a community around...

A mini kudos gives a major boost to motivation

When it comes to feedback, Cambridge-based software engineer Jeff Gaston wishes real life was a little more like video games.“They give fast, clear feedback about your performance,” he says. “If I could compute a score for how my life is going, I think...

How to host a virtual hiring event

The pandemic has turned the business world upside down. But surprisingly, one aspect that hasn’t seemed to change is hiring it’s still challenging to find the right candidates.

Before the pandemic, the economic boom made it difficult to find avail...

What Is Informed Consent?

In the healthcare field, informed consent is many things: It’s a legal doctrine, an ethical obligation, and a standard of care. According to oral maxillofacial surgeon Mughda Patwardhan, D.D.S., M.D., informed consent is a practice more than anything....

7 Best Auction Plugins for WordPress (2021)

Are you looking for the best auction plugins for WordPress? An auction plugin allows you to run online auctions on your website and create an eBay like store using WordPress. In this article, we’ll show you our top pick of the best auction plugins for… Read More »
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From stay-at-home mom to full-time creator

In 2015, Myriam Sandler had a problem many moms face: Her baby daughter Nicole refused to eat solid foods. Spaghetti, soup, rice … she wouldn’t have any of it. “That was driving me crazy as a first-time mom and I was determined to find a solution,” rec...

Lessons from an MBA intern turned full-time Googler

Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.Today’s post is all about Nikhil Nerkar, who...

How to Hide a Mobile Menu in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to hide a mobile menu in WordPress? Most WordPress themes come with built-in styles that automatically transform your navigation menus into a mobile menu. However, you may not wish to use the same menu on mobile or may want to use a… Read More »
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What is the document life cycle?

4 stages of the document life cycle

Document creationDocument storageDocument sharing and deliveryDocument archival or deletion

With enterprises constantly creating new documents, tracking and organizing them all can be a struggle. Eighty-tw...

Salesforce Professional vs Enterprise

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms available today. It’s popular because it boasts a wide range of useful features. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to identify any gaps in functionality in Salesforce’...

How Social Media Affects Mental Health

I was having an uneventful afternoon, so, like I often do, I reached for my phone. After 20 minutes on Twitter and a few more reading the news, I wasn’t bored anymore  but I didn’t exactly feel good, either.

It was like someone had hijacked my body...

GitHub Availability Report: February 2021

Introduction In February, we experienced no incidents resulting in service downtime to our core services. This month’s GitHub Availability Report will provide initial details around an incident from March 1 that caused significant impact and

Stadia Savepoint: January and February updates

It’s time for another update to our Stadia Savepoint series, recapping the new games, features and changes for Stadia.So far in 2021, players have traveled the world over in the spy thriller HITMAN 3, and they’ve gone long for touchdown passes in Madde...

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.9 is now available

We’re excited to announce that Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.9 is available for you to download today. This release includes support for .NET 6 Preview 1, testing support for Unity applications, a preview of a new Quick Actions and Refactorings dialog,
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The Month in WordPress: February 2021

You don’t have to be rich to have an online presence. You don’t have to find loopholes in proprietary platforms and hope that they never change their terms of service. You own all of the content that you create on a WordPress site and have the liberty to move it to a new host if […]

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: March 2021, Part 1

New WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities were disclosed during the first week of March. This post covers the recent WordPress plugin, theme, and core vulnerabilities and what to do if you run one of the vulnerable plugins or themes on your website. The WordPress Vulnerability Roundup is divided into three different categories: WordPress core, WordPress […]
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Frictionless repeated edits: IntelliCode suggestions in completion list

As a developer you make repetitive changes to your code all the time. In many cases you don’t even realize that you are doing a repetitive task or that Visual Studio IntelliCode suggestions can help you. IntelliCode suggestions can already do the edit and find other locations where the same edit applies,
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Visual Studio

Charting a course towards a more privacy-first web

It’s difficult to conceive of the internet we know today — with information on every topic, in every language, at the fingertips of billions of people — without advertising as its economic foundation. But as our industry has strived to deliver relevant...

6 effective internal communication tools

6 best internal communication tools

SlackJotFormZoomZendeskAsanaGoogle Suite

If your team is struggling to communicate effectively, the tools you’re using might be to blame. In a 2018 survey on internal communication, 54 percent of responden...

How to Fix the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress

Do you want to fix the missed schedule post error in WordPress? WordPress comes with a built-in feature that allows you to easily schedule posts to be automatically published at a later time. However, sometimes you may notice that scheduled posts don’t get published at… Read More »
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How to Scan NuGet Packages for Security Vulnerabilities

Open Source is everywhere. It is in many proprietary codebases and community projects. For organizations and individuals, the question today is not whether you are or are not using open-source code, but what open-source code you are using, and how much.
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WordPress 5.7 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate for WordPress 5.7 is now available! 🎉 You can test the WordPress 5.7 release candidate in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “Bleeding edge” channel and Beta/RC Only” stream options) Or download the release candidate here (zip). Thank you to all of the contributors who tested the Beta/RC releases and gave […]

New Dynamic Instrumentation Profiling for .NET

With the release of version 16.9 of Visual Studio, instrumentation profiling in Visual Studio just got better. Introducing our new dynamic instrumentation tool. This tool shows the exact number of times your functions are called and is faster than our previous static instrumentation tool.
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New tools make children’s books easier to read

As a parent to two young kids, bedtime stories are a big part of our evening ritual. My daughter, who’s almost 4, can now recognize all the capital letters, but she’s still learning how to identify lowercase letters and put them all together in a compl...

An open call for aspiring computer scientists

For four weeks each summer, Google works with aspiring first-year college students interested in computer science, particularly from groups that have been historically marginalized from the tech industry. But this isn’t your typical summer school: It’s...

Intelligent Visual Studio Search Service

In Visual Studio (VS) 2019 v16.0 release, the Visual Studio Search shortcut Ctrl+Q, as shown in the screenshot below, was introduced as a Quick Launch for VS feature searches and expanded in v16.3 to support code searches.  With millions of developers using the VS IDE, 
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Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 and v16.10 Preview 1 are Available Today!

Whenever there is a conference such as Microsoft Ignite, there is a tangible excitement throughout our internal teams. We look forward to discovering what new, exciting products, product features, and educational opportunities are available for our customers. Carrying this excitement forward,
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