How To Add Fuzzy Search In WordPress To Improve Results

Do you want to add fuzzy search to your WordPress website? Adding fuzzy search helps users easily find the information they are looking for, even if they misspell or otherwise incorrectly enter their query. This improves the overall search experience and user engagement on your… Read More »
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How To Password Protect Your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory

Do you want to learn how to password-protect your WordPress admin directory? Adding another layer of password protection to your WordPress admin directory can be a great way to improve your WordPress security. In this article, you’ll learn how you can password-protect your wp-admin directory… Read More »
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How To Fade Images On Mouseover In WordPress (Simple & Easy)

Do you want to fade images on mouseover in WordPress? A simple fade-in or fade-out animation when a user moves their mouse over an image can make your site more engaging. It also encourages visitors to interact with your content, which can keep them on… Read More »
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How To Start A Bakery Business From Home

Starting a Home Bakery

Planning your bakery businessCreating a web and social media presenceFunding your ventureLegal mattersMarketingSoftwareBusiness processes

Starting a bakery business can be exciting and rewarding. However, it takes hard...

How To Sell Photo Packages With Cash App

Selling photo packages with Cash App

Set up a Cash App business accountIdentify your photo packagesDecide how to sell your photosProcess paymentsDeliver purchased photosMake the most of your photography business

When you’re selling your work...

How To Add WhatsApp Chatbox And Share Buttons In WordPress

Do you want to add WhatsApp chatbox and share buttons in WordPress? WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms and has about 2.2 billion users worldwide. Adding a Whatsapp share button will allow you to connect with the customers and build user engagement,… Read More »
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5 Fan-favorite Features Of Jotform Enterprise

Our incredible community of Jotform Enterprise users often inspire new features by asking about ways to use the platform. Our success is grounded in your success, so we are constantly seeking better ways to streamline processes, enhance communication,...

DocSend Vs DocuSign

In today’s digital world, it’s essential to have the right tools to support document sharing in your business. Whether you’re looking to facilitate employee collaboration or you want to provide a smooth e-signature process to reduce paper usage, both ...

How To Form A Single-Member LLC

Single-member LLCs come with the protections and benefits that can make all the difference for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here's everything you need to know and how to start one.More

Security Release: Update IThemes Security Free And Pro

Update to iThemes Security Free 8.1.5+ and Pro 7.3.1+ We have patched a vulnerability in our Security Pro plugin, as well as the free version available at The security releases that patch this vulnerability are available now. You should apply them immediately. Ensure you have updated your WordPress sites to the current versions: Your trust […]
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Portfolio Page Tips And Ideas: Show What You Can Do!

You know that the work you do is amazing. Now prove it! Your website’s portfolio page is a way of doing just that. In this article, we’ll give you tried-and-true tips for how to make your portfolio page amazing. We’ll even show you some of our favorite examples for inspiration. What is a Portfolio Page? […]
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How To Create A Popup Form

Gathering data online from your target audience isn’t always easy. Website visitors typically have an attention span of just eight seconds which is not a lot of time to pique their interest. So if you want to grab visitors’ attention and get them to ...

Launching New #WeArePlay Stories From India

Posted by Parul Tyagi, Developer Marketing Every month, over 2.5 billion people visit Google Play to discover millions of apps and games, which are created by people with all sorts of backgrounds, who founded companies big and small. #WeArePlay ce...

What To Expect In WordPress 6.2

WordPress 6.2 makes it easy to customize blocks globally or individually faster than ever before with internal previews and a Style Book.
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WordPress Vulnerability Report – March 22, 2023

This week, the total patched and unpatched vulnerabilities may impact well over 9 million WordPress sites. There are 84 plugin vulnerabilities and one theme vulnerability with security patches available, so run those updates if you use these plugins! Additionally, there are 39 plugin vulnerabilities and 3 theme vulnerabilities with no patch available yet. If you […]
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GitHub Copilot Chat For Visual Studio 2022

GitHub Copilot has become a trusted AI-assisted pair programmer helping to auto-complete comments and code more productively. That’s just the beginning though! We’ve been working to evolve Copilot to move beyond code completion and provide enhanced AI assistance that you can access throughout your development lifecycle,
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Visual Studio

What Is The Population Of Interest?

If you’re starting to create a study or perform market research, then you’ll need to identify the population of interest early on in the process. Understanding and identifying the population of interest will inform everything from survey design to how...

What Is A Website Backdoor? How To Remove And Prevent The Hack

If your WordPress website’s login form is its front door, what is a website backdoor? As you might guess, it’s a way to get in without using the front door. You never want anyone to be able to do this! Unfortunately, cyberattackers often are successful at creating backdoors on sites they’ve breached. This allows them […]
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Streamlining Your Debugging Process With Breakpoint Groups

Have you ever had a situation when you are debugging a complex scenario with a huge list of breakpoints, and you find yourself scrolling and tapping in the breakpoints windows to disable/enable them individually and repetitively?

Then the new Breakpoint Groups feature in Visual Studio may be the answer for you.
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Visual Studio

The Real Post-Pandemic Boom: Mom Entrepreneurs

The pandemic exposed the impossible balancing act that society demands of working mothers. But for many women, it was also an opportunity to reset the terms of their careers. Through research and interviews with several mom founders, we explore how th...

What Is A Good Survey Response Rate?

Surveys can be powerful tools to better understand your market, customers, and employees. But a survey is only as good as the data it provides. If you have a poor survey response rate or the data is unclear, you might not get as much use out of the in...