Building A New JavaScript Linting Experience In Visual Studio

Available today in the 17.4 public release, Visual Studio has revamped its ESLint support! The new linting experience includes: 
Linting support – for not only JavaScript and TypeScript files, but also for JSX/TSX, Vue and HTML files. 

Quick actions and fixes,
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Removing Out-of-support Components From Your Visual Studio Installations

Visual Studio is a rich IDE that provides an abundant collection of tools and functionality for developers to use in every stage of software development. As we all know, technologies change over time, some faster than others; consequently, certain components that are initially included with Visual Studio may go out of support faster than the IDE itself. 
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Where Is The PSF?

Where to Find the PSF OnlineOne of the main ways we reach people for news and information about the PSF and Python is Twitter. There’s been a lot of uncertainty around that platform recently, so we wanted to share a brief round up of other places you c...

Improve Your Productivity With Web Live Preview And Telerik

This post will concentrate on everything new, cool, trendy, and useful around the integrated Web Live Preview tool in Visual Studio 2022.
More than 17 years ago, when I started my dev career with ASP.NET Web Forms as part of an ASP.NET development team,
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.NET MAUI Is Now Available In Visual Studio For Mac 17.4

I am excited to share the news that .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is now available in Visual Studio for Mac!  .NET MAUI tooling shipped in the 17.4 preview Visual Studio for Mac release in August, and then on November 8th we shipped the general availability of .NET MAUI tooling in the 17.4 stable release.  
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The Month In WordPress – October 2022

With the end of the year fast approaching, the WordPress project has not slowed down. Read on to learn more about the latest major release, WordPress 6.1, and the State of the Word 2022 live event, among other exciting news.

Visual Studio 2022 Performance Enhancements 17.4

Every new Visual Studio release includes new performance improvements that make the product faster and more responsive. 17.4 has some significant improvements across common scenarios like  Find in Files, Branch switching, configuration changes, unit testing, C++ indexing and file saving. We use product telemetry from our GA releases to set baselines,
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Cloudy With A Chance Of… The State Of Cloud In 2022

SPONSORED BY PLURALSIGHT Early in the days of high-traffic web pages and apps, any engineer operating the infrastructure would have a server room where one or more machines served that app to the world. They named their servers lovingly, took pictures, and watched them grow. The servers were pets. But since the rise of public…
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State Of The Word 2022

Join the WordPress project leaders for State of the Word 2022 in New York City on December 15, 2022. Also live-streamed on social media, you will hear about the WordPress project, open source, and more in this annual event.

WP Engine’s Starting Eleven

Building a winning team goes far beyond the playing field. While the thrill of victory often plays out on the pitch, the fundamentals that lead to success on the field can also be applied to your growing business.  In today’s world of digital acce...

Enable Group Policy Settings With Visual Studio Administrative Templates (ADMX)

IT Administrators often want to control, via group policy, certain aspects of Visual Studio behavior to achieve consistency, compliance, and compatibility across their organizations.

One challenge has been that there was no easy way to discover what global policies exist for Visual Studio.
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How To Easily Disable The Default WordPress Sitemap

Do you want to disable the default WordPress sitemap on your website? The default sitemap feature was introduced in WordPress 5.5, and it enables WordPress to publish XML sitemaps for your website automatically. The challenge is that this feature is lacking advanced WordPress SEO features… Read More »
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WordPress 6.1.1 Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.1.1 is now available for download. This maintenance release features several updates since the release of WordPress 6.1 on 01 November 2022. You can review a summary of the key changes in this release by visiting

How To Optimize Images For Web Performance Without Losing Quality

Did you know that optimizing your images before uploading to WordPress can have a huge impact on your website speed? When starting a new blog, many beginners simply upload images without optimizing them for the web. These large image files make your website slower. You… Read More »
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Public Preview Of Dev Tunnels In Visual Studio For ASP.NET Core Projects

In a previous blog post we introduced the private preview for port forwarding in Visual Studio, this support has now been renamed to “dev tunnels” and is now in public preview. The main difference between the private preview and the public preview is that you no longer need to sign-up,
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