10 Ways to Save Time & Make Money With BackupBuddy

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BackupBuddy is a pretty great tool. We created it because we needed it. We’d lost our site and never wanted to go through that again. Turns out we’re not the only ones.

We made BackupBuddy because we knew it could save us time and make us money. The same is true for you. BackupBuddy is a tool that can save you time and make you money.

Here are 10 ways that can work for you:

1. Save Your Bacon When Bad Stuff Happens

The single greatest way BackupBuddy can save you time is by delivering that glorious backup in the midst of some terrible tragedy.

Your host fails, the clients has an ‘oops,’ hackers find a backdoor—whatever the problem you’re looking at rebuilding an entire site. Oh, the humanity!

But wait—here’s the backup. Problem solved. Weekend saved.

2. Complete Backup

BackupBuddy can save you time and cash because that backup is more than just the database. You get a complete backup including all the files. A database backup saves your content, which is good, but without the theme and plugin files you have to rebuild your entire site: Widgets, custom CSS, plugins, every last setting.

A database backup isn’t good enough.

You need the entire site backed up. Otherwise you’ll still lose your entire weekend trying to get your site up and running again.

3. Automatic Backup

Backup can’t be effective unless it’s automatic. If you have to waste time thinking about it or take time doing it, it’s not going to happen. BackupBuddy saves you time by doing all that for you. You can schedule all kinds of backups and let them happen while you sleep. Time saved. Sanity preserved.

4. Restore Your Site

Backing up your site is important. But having those files is one thing, getting them live again is another. BackupBuddy can also restore your site, simply and easily. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what goes where and how to re-import your database files, let BackupBuddy do it. Quick and easy.

5. Multiple & Off-Site

Keeping a sole copy of your backup on your computer is no good—what happens if your computer fails, gets stolen or your house burns down? Bye-bye backup.

BackupBuddy allows you to do multiple backups, store them in different places (including multiple off-site options) and cover all your bases. You can account for every contingency. You even get free cloud storage with BackupBuddy Stash.

6. Save Time & Sanity With Clients

All of the above reasons can save you time on your own site. But they can also save you time and sanity when you’re working with clients. Backup your clients’ stuff and save yourself some time when they inevitably mess something up.

7. Sell Backup Services

Don’t just save time with BackupBuddy, make money. Sell backup services to your clients. Make it part of a recurring maintenance package or sell a one-time setup.

8. Added Value

Another service you can offer is to deliver the entire site in a zipped file, courtesy of BackupBuddy. It’s a tangible way to hand off a new site to a client and make them feel like they’re getting more for their money. Make it part of your project process and it increases the value of what you do—meaning you can charge more.

9. Develop Locally & Transfer

BackupBuddy can also be a boon for developers looking to save time. You can develop your sites locally and then transfer them quickly and easily with BackupBuddy. Local development is way faster than live development, and even a few seconds of delay can grow into hours over the course of a big project.

10. Create a Base Site

Another good developer trick is to build your own base site in WordPress to serve as a starter for all your projects. With BackupBuddy you can do more than just your own custom theme—you can have plugins, widgets, custom CSS and more all queued up and ready for a new client project. No more scrambling to set up the standard basics.

Just use BackupBuddy to copy and transfer your base site and you’re hitting the ground running on your next development project.

Save Time & Make Money With BackupBuddy

There you have it—10 ways to save time and make money with BackupBuddy. We’re convinced backup is a crucial part of any freelance WordPress developer’s business. And now, with BackupBuddy Gold, you can get lifetime updates and unlimited licenses.

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