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Cassidy Becomes A CTO! (Ep. 492)

We recap Stack's first ever customer conference and Cassidy shares her plans for tackling her first Chief Officer role.
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Five Nines Uptime Without Developer Burnout (Ep. 488)

The days of traditional application monitoring are fading. Applications today are no longer a single program, but a network of services connected by API and RPC endpoints across cloud containers that are created and removed as needed.
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A Serial Entrepreneur Finally Embraces Open Source (Ep. 486)

Serial entrepreneur Arpit Mohan, cofounder and CTO of Appsmith, tells Ben and Cassidy about his path to building Appsmith, an open-source project that makes it easy for engineers to build, ship, and maintain internal tools.
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Hypergrowth Headaches (Ep. 485)

When a company hits a period of hypergrowth, developers are in for a thrill ride. They need to start scaling their systems, moving to service architectures and clouds, and looking to solve problems others haven’t. But hypergrowth brings headaches, too, and chief among them is how to keep everyone aware of what’s going on with teams that they aren’t a part of. 
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Hackathons And Free Pizza: All About Stack Overflow’s New Student Ambassador Program (Ep. 483)

Ben, fresh from launching Stack Overflow’s new Student Ambassador Program, tells Matt about partnering with Major League Hacking, the young programmers eager to get back to in-person events, and the powerful allure of free pizza. Plus: Why you don’t have to create an account to engage with our public platform.
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Plug-and-play AI For Your Own Projects (Ep. 482)

Ben talks with Dylan Fox, founder and CEO of rapid-growth startup AssemblyAI, about how he became interested in AI and machine learning, why he left a steady job at a tech giant to create something new, and what AI can offer creators like writers and visual artists.
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For Developers, Flow State Starts With Your Finger Tips 

Sponsored by Logitech Developers and their employers are constantly thinking about productivity. We partnered with Logitech to produce a four-part podcast series to chat about how your hardware and software work together to keep you in a flow state and make you more productive. Each podcast will have it’s own landing page on the blog,…
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Environments On-demand (Ep. 479)

Tommy McClung, cofounder and CEO of ReleaseHub, sits down with the home team to talk about environments-as-a-service, what it’s like to work with the same cofounders for more than 20 years, and the role of karma in professional networking.
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What Companies Lose When They Track Worker Productivity (Ep. 478)

The home team gathers for a conversation about workplace productivity monitoring: Does it motivate employees to get more done, or does it lead to stress that takes away from deep, focused work and replaces it with busywork instead?
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The Luckiest Guy In AI (Ep. 477)

Serial entrepreneur Varun Ganapathi joins the home team for a conversation about the intersection of physics, machine learning, and AI. He offers some recommendations for developers looking to get started in the ML/AI space and shares his own path from academia to entrepreneurship.
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Why AI Is Having An On-prem Moment (Ep. 476)

The home team discusses how Instagram’s evolving platform has alienated some creators, why AI and machine learning are moving on-premises, and why Amazon’s acquisition of the company behind the Roomba is striking from a privacy perspective.
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The Last Technical Interview You’ll Ever Take (Ep. 474)

Since the day a hiring manager first wheeled a whiteboard into a conference room, software engineers have dreaded the technical interview, which can be an all-day process (or multi-day homework assignment). If you’re interviewing for multiple roles, you can expect to write out a bubble sort in pseudocode for each one. These technical interviews do…
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A Conversation With Spencer Kimball, Creator Of GIMP And CockroachDB (Ep. 472)

Spencer Kimball, cofounder and CEO of Cockroach Labs and co-creator of the GIMP image editor, tells Ryan and Ceora about how database technology has evolved to handle massive data volumes, how Cockroach labs came to focus on solving latency issues through serverless technology, and his “relatively gentle” transition from engineer to CEO.
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The Internet’s Robin Hood Uses Robo-lawyers To Fight Parking Tickets And Spam Calls (Ep. 471)

Joshua Browder, founder and CEO of DoNotPay, tells us how a heap of expensive parking tickets inspired him to build software that helps people avoid fines, secure refunds, claim free land, win back lost savings, and even combat systemic racism.
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Satellite Internet: More Useful Than Sending A Car Into Space (Ep. 470)

The home team talks about the coding error that forced ten million Canadians offline, advice for coders trying to get out of a rut, and how low-earth orbit satellites are reshaping the internet. Plus: a Netflix documentary for getting out of a rut and reshaping your mind all in one.
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Great Engineering Cultures Are Built On Social Learning Communities

For a successful Agile and DevOps practice, organizations need to think beyond tooling. Engineering organizations need a strong community of practice culture that supports the collecting and distributing of knowledge, greater cross-organizational collaboration, and breaks down the silos that can happen in companies of all sizes.
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Monitoring Data Quality With Bigeye (Ep. 469)

Bigeye cofounders Kyle Kirwan (CEO) and Egor Gryaznov (CTO) join the home team to discuss their data observability platform, what it’s like to go from coworkers to cofounders, and the surprising value of boring technology.
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San Francisco? More Like San Francisgo (Ep. 468)

Ben and Matt discuss how tech workers’ preference for remote work is driving a near-exodus from cities like San Francisco, while smaller cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma are literally paying remote workers to relocate.
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Always Learning

It’s been a busy quarter for the company. We celebrated a handful of big milestones over the last three months. We added a new Chief Technology Officer, Jody Bailey, to our leadership team, announced Stack Overflow for Teams entering the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, launched exciting initiatives like Staging Ground, and released insights from this year’s Developer Survey.
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Data Analytics: Less Creepy, More Empowering

Lauren Peate, founder and CEO of Multitudes, joins the home team for a conversation about how managers and executives can support their development teams through ethical data and analytics practices. Plus: What it’s like to launch a startup in a smaller country like New Zealand.
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Game Boy Emulators, PowerPoint Developers, And The Enduring Appeal Of Pokémon GO (Ep. 466)

The home team talks game development and PowerPoint, the good ol’ days of Game Boy, and wild facts about the largest species in the deer family. Plus: Was that summer everyone was playing Pokémon GO the closest we’ll ever get to world peace?
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Event-Driven Topic Design Using Kafka

An event-driven architecture can reduce dependencies, increase safety, and make your application easy to scale. But designing your systems and topics is a non-trivial task
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Code Completion Isn’t Magic; It Just Feels That Way (Ep. 464)

Meredydd Lyff, founder and CEO of Anvil, joins the home team to discuss code completion: what it is and how it works, from first principles to best practices. Plus: Is 90% of biology attributable to magic gremlins?
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At Your Next Job Interview, You Ask The Questions (Ep. 463)

The home team convenes to discuss the end of the GPU shortage, how the no-code/low-code movement is impacting developers, and why job candidates should flip the script and interview their interviewers.
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