How to Prevent Scope Creep

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What happens when a client project moves into work activities and related costs that weren’t previously agreed upon? In the software and website development world, scope creep is the primary cause of projects running over time and budget.

In a recent webinar with project management guru Beth Livingston, we learned how to minimize scope creep by acknowledging and planning for change instead of penalizing the client for it. Beth covers the elements of a good change control process and how using a change budget allows you to ALWAYS—yes, ALWAYS—come in under budget.

What You Will Learn

  • What is Scope Creep?
  • How Projects Creep
  • How to Embrace Change
  • Elements of a Good Change Control Process
  • The Magic of a Change Budget
  • Download: Example of a Good Change Control Process

Watch the Webinar: How to Stop Scope Creep By
Embracing Change

Download the Presentation Slides

About Beth Livingston

After a 25+ year history as an IT business analyst, instructional designer, and project manager, Beth left the corporate world to become a full-time WordPress coach and designer and now enjoys providing real-life project management skills training for WordPress practitioners (designers, developers, consultants, project managers, and agencies) through her company, WP Roadmaps and Coaching. Beth is the creator of The WP Project Manager’s Academy, administers the WordPress Project Management Facebook group, and serves as an organizer for the North Carolina Triad WordPress Meetup Group.

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