How To Write A Killer About Us Page (with Examples)

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When you’re creating a website, your About Us page might seem like a bit of an afterthought. In fact, your About Us page is more important than you think – in fact, it’s vital.

In this article, we’ll look at the underestimated power of the About Us page – what exactly it does and why your website needs one. We’ll share the inside secrets of creating an exceptional About Us page, and we’ll even include some examples for inspiration.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

What is an About Us Page?

Almost any website you go to has an About Us page. It’s a page dedicated to answering the question, “who is this company, and what’s it all about?”

Companies need to give their About page sufficient thought, using it to talk about their business in a way that lacks any personality. Their About page ends up being the equivalent of a weak handshake.

Your About Us page is your chance to make a positive first impression. It shapes people’s image of who you are and what you’re all about. In many cases, it can even be the deciding factor in securing a sale.

To put it simply, having a killer About page is worth putting thought and effort into. It’s one of the most important parts of any website and should be included as a vital part of your marketing strategy.

About Us Page

Why Your Website Needs an About Us Page

Consumers want to refrain from doing business with faceless companies. They want to know they’re dealing with real human beings – human beings that they know and trust. Your About Us page is your brand’s opportunity to present yourself as human, make a connection with your audience, and gain their trust.

Your brand’s About Us page is a chance for you to show potential customers why they’d want to do business with you and what you can offer them. It’s a place where you can talk about how you understand their specific pain points and how your brand can solve them.

One reason why people read a brand’s About page is to figure out if the company is legit. They want to see that you’re reliable and knowledgeable, with a proven track record. A well-written About Us page addresses all of those concerns.

What Makes a Good About Us Page?

About Us pages should be creative and unique, but several factors distinguish an “okay” About page from an “amazing” one.

A great About Us page comes across as human. It puts a face to a name, showing your potential customers that you’re a real person. Any well-written About page makes the reader feel a sense of connection with the brand. It makes them feel like they know you and that you have something in common.

Instead of simply listing facts about the brand, quality About pages tell a story – one that has a beginning, middle, and end. How did the company start? What lessons did they learn while they were still growing? Where are they today?

Good About Us pages would be better named “About You” pages – because they should focus on the customer, their pain points, and how you can help them.

What is the goal of any awesome About Us page? To drive an emotional response. Whether that comes in the form of making the customer giggle, making them feel warm and fuzzy, or bringing a tear to their eye, your About Us page should make the reader feel something.

How to Write a Killer About Us Page

Writing an incredible About Us page for your website might seem daunting – after all, how do you fit all these qualities into a few paragraphs? There’s no set way of writing an About Us page, but we want to share 9 tips that will guide your creativity.

1. Start with a Stunning Page

Your About Us page needs to be stunning and eye-catching. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing with engaging visuals. The last thing you want is to scare away new visitors.

The About Us page should have:

  • The right color scheme
  • Images and videos
  • Animations
  • Creativity
  • Accessibility

If you’re unsure where to start, Kadence WP offers Starter Templates. These Starter Templates are a no-code, ready-to-start solution to get your About page (and your site) up and running quickly and smoothly.

With Starter Templates, you pick the template that suits your needs, choose your color scheme, choose your fonts, and you’re done. It’s that simple!

2. Tell a Unique Story

There’s a story behind every brand. We guarantee your company’s story is different from every other company, so why write an About Us page that’s generic? Go ahead! Show your uniqueness – because it will make people feel connected with you.

Write your About Us page as though it’s an epic adventure story. There’s actually a structure of storytelling called “The Hero’s Journey.” It’s where the hero leaves his home to go on a brave quest to fix a terrible problem his community is having. Along the way, he experiences all kinds of tribulations, and he has to battle a terrifying dragon. He wins the battle and returns to his home with a message of hope for everyone.

This sounds like nonsense, right? Think again.

  • Why did you start your quest? What was the pain point that made you start your business?
  • What quest did you go on? What did you set out to do?
  • What kind of difficulties did you face along the way?
  • How did you win in the end?
  • What’s your message of hope to the customer?

There are a few nuanced ways to leverage this hero’s journey for your brand. First, you are the hero in your story, and you’re solving problems for your community. But also, consider your customer’s journey. Where are they the hero, and how are you the trusted companion in solving their customer’s problems and pain points? By weaving a story that paints your customer as the hero and you as the one that helps them get to the final point in the hero’s journey, you solidify your place in their mind as a part of their own journey.

3. Choose an Image That Packs a Punch

Having an image on your About Us page is essential because, without one, it will look like a big chunk of text that no one will want to bother reading. The image on your About page is the very first thing your potential customer will look at, so it should engage and fascinate them.

Use a different photo than you have on your LinkedIn profile. Your image should support the story you’re telling. It should show your personality, what you offer, and the meaning behind your brand.

The image you use doesn’t need to be a photo of you, either. It could be a photo of your workplace or of one of your amazing products. You could also consider using a video introducing yourself and your brand (check out marketing guru Neil Patel’s About page).

4. Use Emotional Language

As we mentioned earlier in this article, your About Us page should make the reader feel something. Your customers will make their buying decisions based on how you’ve made them feel.

But how do you get your website’s visitors to feel a certain emotion? By your choice of language. Content that is written with emotional language outperforms factual content by almost 2x.

  • When you’re talking about your audience’s pain points, use emotional words like “frustrated,” “had enough of,” and “tired of.”
  • Get the reader’s curiosity by using words like “fascinating,” “hidden,” and “secret.”
  • Reassure them of your capability with words like “in good hands,” “rest assured,” and “walk you through.”

5. Get in Your Audience’s Shoes

To write a powerful About page, you need to understand your customer. Who are they? What makes them tick? What problems are they facing?

You’re going to need help to answer that question for every customer, so you’ll want to create a customer persona. A customer persona is a semi-fictional character who represents the key traits of the majority of your brand’s audience.

Once you’ve mapped out your customer persona, you can start targeting your content toward them in a way that’s relevant and relatable. We recommend writing your About Us page in a conversational tone, using words that your target audience would use when talking to a friend.

6. State Your Value Proposition

What value do you offer your customer that sets your brand apart from the competition? Your value proposition should tell the customer in a clear way about the long-lasting benefits of buying your company’s products or services. In other words, how your products or services will change their life.

Your value proposition should appear on your About page as an attention-grabbing headline that sums up what you are able to offer your customers. Below it, put a short paragraph of 2 or 3 sentences that gives a little more information about what you offer. Include a bullet-point list of your product or service’s most valuable benefits.

When writing your value proposition, include quantifiable statements – that is, statements with specific facts or figures. An example would be, “Lose up to 25 pounds in 90 days!”

7. Define Your Mission

Always include a mission statement somewhere on your About Us page. Your mission statement tells your target audience what your brand does, how it does it, and what your objectives are as a company.

A great mission statement consists of 3 parts:

  1. Brand Purpose. What do your brand’s products do, and who are they for?
  2. Brand Values. What does your brand believe in and stand behind? A good example of this is environmentally conscious companies.
  3. Brand Goals. What problem/s are you able to solve for your customers? Why should they choose you over the competition?

8. Show Social Proof

People copy the behaviors of the people around them, and that applies to their purchasing decisions. This phenomenon is called Social Proof. When people shop online, they look for reviews and recommendations on the product they’re interested in.

Be sure to incorporate some social proof into your About Us page’s content. There are a few ways you can do this, including:

  • Showing off some of your best reviews
  • Displaying a list of your most impressive clients
  • Highlighting awards and accolades you’ve earned
  • Quantifying the impressive number of customers you’ve helped

9. Include a CTA

Last but not least, be sure to include a Call to Action (or CTA) on your About Us page. Your CTA guides your potential customer to take some kind of action you want them to take. Instead of them wondering where to go next on your website, your CTA will tell them the next step.

Common CTAs you’ll see on websites are:

  • Sign Up
  • Try for Free
  • Get Started
  • Learn More
  • Subscribe

Get creative with your CTAs to make them more appealing to your target audience. Kadence WP can help you achieve this with Kadnece Conversions. Kadence Conversions is a no-code WordPress block tool to help you create lightweight popups, sale banners, and slide-ins that connect site visitors to your offers.

With Kadence Conversions, your CTA can drive revenue growth with popups, grow your email list, and engage your visitors.

5 Perfect About Us Pages To Inspire You

Want to see what all this looks like in action? Here are 5 of our favorite About Us pages.

1. Big Cartel

We love Big Cartel‘s About page because it’s delightfully creative while still sticking to an effective formula. The page features a collage of vibrant and playful images, and underneath it, a bold headline tells you straight off the bat what the brand believes in.

Notice how they use real figures and statistics in their introduction paragraph, and talk about their value proposition – how they’ll help change the customer’s life.

2. Fantasy

Fantasy uses video on its About page to tell the story of who they are and allow you to see its work in action. In this segment of their About page, they include power words like “transform,” “insight,” and “impact” in their headline to describe their value proposition. A super impressive testimonial from a household-name client sits below it.

3. Canva

Canva knows what they’re doing with its About Us page, hitting all the right notes from the first glance you take at it. Instead of “About Us” as the headline, they use a powerful value proposition. Underneath it, they explain what they do and their mission statement.

Under a collage of colorful photos (of their target audience, not themselves), they provide some impressive statistics for social proof.

4. Anton & Irene

Designers Anton & Irene have a stunningly creative About Us page that makes an impression from the very beginning. A photo of them in bodysuits slowly transforms and widens with your mouse movements. Between them, a long list of impressive stats scrolls up like the credits from Star Wars.

5. Couro Azul

Leather-makers Couro Azul is proud of its long history of excellence in the industry and presents its About Us page as a story of its company’s heritage. Vintage photos and documents unfold on the web page like you’re discovering relics, and animated text in vintage fonts adds magic to the design.

Wrapping Up

Your About Us page is a powerful part of your brand’s website, and its importance should not be underestimated. Feel free to get creative and show what makes your brand unique! By following the tips and tricks you’ve learned in this article, you’ll form connections, build trust, and make sales!

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