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Many people are still surprised by the limited options WordPress offers for restricting content. By default, WordPress doesn’t offer an easy way to do content restriction except for password-protected pages. Password-protect pages simply won’t do for most websites, so you need a more robust content-restriction utility, especially if you want to sell access to content.

With the new, improved, and FREE Restrict Content plugin, you now have access to a plugin that puts you in control of who can access premium content on your WordPress site. With powerful content restriction options and the ability to sell memberships with access levels, you get everything you need to sell premium content in one easy-to-use plugin

Premium Content: What Could You Sell?

What could you do with some extra income this year? You may be leaving money on the table by not having a way to sell premium content on your website (or your clients’ sites).

What content could you be selling access to today? Ideas for premium content include:

  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • Job boards
  • Software downloads
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Graphic design files
  • WordPress plugins or themes
  • Journalism
  • Private communities
  • Online magazines
  • Directories
  • Webinars
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Support

Building websites for clients? All of these premium content types open up more possibilities for website service offerings.

Introducing Restrict Content 3.0: A FREE Content Restriction + WordPress Membership Plugin, All in One

The free Restrict Content plugin adds new ways to restrict content, create membership levels, offers Stripe as a free payment gateway, and a lot more. Restrict Content is powerful enough to create a membership site and simple enough to restrict only a few pages for internal use.

As the biggest update in the free plugin’s history, there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s take a look at Restrict Content 3.0, the most extensible content restriction and membership plugin for WordPress.

NEW! Powerful Content Restriction Options

The Restrict Content plugin gives you more control over who can access specific posts and pages with several powerful content restriction settings options.

Here are a few ways Restrict Content Pro gives you powerful content restriction options: 

  1. Restrict posts, pages and most custom post types. At the bottom of each page or post, you’ll find content restriction settings. You can also choose to restrict all pages or posts.
  2. Restrict categories and tags. From the Categories and Tags pages, you’ll find content restriction settings. You can also choose to restrict all categories or tags.
  3. Restrict specific parts of your content. Limit access to certain parts of your content with a shortcode, like [restrict]This content is limited to logged in users.[/restrict].
  4. Restrict by logged-in users only. Restrict Content enables you to restrict access to your content to logged-in users only.
  5. Restrict by WordPress user role – Use the default WordPress user roles of Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber to restrict content. 
  6. Restrict by membership level – With Restrict Content Pro, you can add unlimited membership levels to use to restrict content. A membership level refers to a membership option you can set up in the Restrict Content Pro plugin. For example, you might have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership level. 
  7. Restrict by access level – Restrict Content Pro allows you to set up access levels (1-10). Access Level refers to a tiered system where a member’s ability to view content is determined by the access level assigned to their account. For example, a member with an access level of 5 can view content assigned to access levels of 5 and lower.

NEW! Sell Memberships with Membership Levels

Restrict Content Pro allows site administrators to create any number of membership levels that customers can register for. Membership level options are displayed on the registration page and customers can select the one they wish to purchase.

Each membership level can be given a price, an optional signup fee (one-time amount), an optional trial period, a frequency and period, and a user role that will be assigned to members when they register.

Fundamentally, a membership or subscription level can be broken down into 3 parts.

  1. Membership Value – What you will provide to your members. The value provided by a membership or subscription can vary greatly. One membership site can offer access to leadership courses, while another could grant access to a premium weekly newsletter.
  2. Value Delivery – How your members will receive the value included in their membership. In our premium newsletter example, members would receive their weekly newsletter in their email inbox.
  3. Membership Cost – What do your members need to exchange to receive the membership value. Our Newsletter site could have both a free and premium newsletter. Members will need to exchange money for the premium newsletter, and an email address for the free newsletter.

Restrict Content now has everything you need to create unique membership levels so that you can restrict and deliver content to your members.

Customers can also upgrade and downgrade between membership levels at any time. These upgrades and downgrades are prorated based on how much the customer has already paid and how much time is left in their current membership.

NEW! Collect Payments with Stripe

Restrict Content now includes integration with Stripe, the incredibly popular and easy-to-use payment gateway. A payment gateway allows you to collect payments and monetize your restricted content securely.

Navigate to the Restrict Content Settings and click on the Payments tab to start collecting payments.

Next, enter your email address and click the Setup Stripe and Subscribe button.

Now you can enable and connect to your Stripe account.

Note: The Restrict Content Stripe payment gateway integration includes an additional 2% processing fee. You can remove the processing fee by upgrading to Restrict Content Pro.

Even More New Content Restriction & Membership Features

Here is a quick summary of some of the other new membership-building tools added to Restrict Content.

  • Auto-Generated Core Pages – Getting started quickly with auto-generated registration, success, account, and profile pages.
  • CSV User Import / Export – With the customer import / export feature, your customers go where you go.
  • Prorated Upgrades & Downgrades – Your membership site can have any number of membership levels and customers can upgrade and downgrade between those membership levels whenever they wish.
  • Customer Emails – Send welcome emails to new members, email payment receipts, and let them know when their membership expires.
  • Content Excerpts – Show a portion of restricted content to entice people to upgrade and read more.
  • Disable WordPress Toolbar – Hide the WordPress toolbar from logged in members.

Growing Your Membership Site With Restrict Content Pro

The free version of the Restrict Content plugin has everything you need to get started with planning and building your money-making membership website. However, as your business matures, you may find yourself wanting some additional tools to help expedite the growth of your business.

The Restrict Content Pro plugin has you covered with additional core plugin tools and 34 Pro add-ons that will help you grow your business and reduce churn, including:

  • Removal of the 2% Stripe processing fee – Restrict Content Pro cuts down on payment processing fees so each transaction is more profitable.
  • Email Marketing – Build a sales funnel by integrating with your favorite email marketing tool.
  • Content Tools – Currate your member’s experience and automate content restrictions with drip content and restriction timeouts.
  • Extra Security – More tools to secure member accounts like reCAPTCHA and IP restrictions.
  • More Integrations – Unlock additional 20+ integrations with payment gateways, billing tools, and other popular WordPress plugins.

Just check out this handy comparison chart for Restrict Content vs Restrict Content Pro.

Wrapping Up: Download the Free Restrict Content Plugin Today!

The free Restrict Content plugin includes a full suite of tools to build a money-making membership website while remaining an elegant and lightweight content restriction tool.

Here’s how easy it is to get started:

  1. Download the free Restrict Content plugin now.
  2. Activate the free Stripe payment gateway.
  3. With no complicated settings, you can start selling content access through paid memberships today!

Download Now, Free!

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