On the Twelfth Day of Giving: AirPods Pro

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Have you ever thought to yourself that you needed some quiet space inside of a coffee shop? Or maybe you wanted to listen to your movie on a plane without having to hear the constant white noise or the person snoring next to you? Well today, you are in luck! We’re giving away the hottest technology gadget that’s on everyone’s list this year. Apple AirPods Pro.

As we end our 12 Days of iThemes Giving, it seems fitting to provide the best giveaway for last. Yeah, you get that right. The idea was to keep you engaged with us for 12 days, knowing that at the end, you’re going to get a chance to win something awesome!

Let me tell you about the AirPods Pro. I’ll say that this isn’t a full review, but more of a post about why we wanted to give these to you.

It started the day they were announced. I immediately went online the moment I saw them announced and ordered a pair. They day they were released, two other people in the iThemes office got them. Immediately, there were at least 4 of us talking a bout them. I knew then, if we did a giveaway, we ought to make sure we’re giving a pair of these away.

AirPods Pro Mini Review

The Apple AirPods Pro are Apple’s answer to providing an Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphone system. I initially had my doubts as I’ve had a number of in-ear ANC headphones before and they never quite worked for me.

When I travel, I almost always have two sets of headphones with me. My trusty AirPods for making calls, pulling them out quickly to listen to a video or podcast, use them for directions, etc. They are a must have and I still have them in my bag.

I also would carry my Bose QC35 over the ear headphones. These are my all time favorite. Someone gave these to me (is it you? I’d like to thank you!) while at a WordCamp. They go with me on every trip I go on and even go with me to coffee shops or anywhere that might be loud.

But things changed with the Apple AirPods Pro.

I’ve had several trips since getting my AirPods Pro and I can say that I opted to not take my Bose headphone with me. This mean, I had no choice but to use them for the duration of the trips. I was not disappointed.

I have used them on airplanes (4 hour flights), at the gate area, coffee shops, in the car, and in my office and I can say that these are the best headphones I’ve had.

The hidden feature I like is the transparency mode, where I can actually hear conversations around me without needing to take them out. This makes it incredibly easy for me to listen to a flight attendant make an announcement during the flight, without having to take them out and risk losing them.

When in a coffee shop, it’s already a handy way to listen to conversations around you (don’t blame me. You know you listen to those conversations too!).

These headphones will change how you work. They will change what you bring in your bag and how you will determine what to focus on.

Make sure you enter today’s giveaway. You’re going to want these to change your life too!

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