Podcast 405: Helping communities build their own LTE networks

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Ben, Ryan, and Cassidy talk with Esther Jang, Matt Johnson, and Chris Webb of Seattle’s Local Connectivity Lab, a nonprofit that works in concert with the University of Washington to facilitate community-focused technology development and research. They discuss how they’re working to build community-run LTE networks that expand connectivity, how making network technology visible helps people understand it, and why expanding digital access requires understanding social infrastructure.

Episode notes:

Esther and Matt are graduate students in computer science at the University of Washington, where they study community networks.

Esther explains how open-source, community-owned and -operated LTE networks are a good solution for expanding public internet access and ensuring digital equity.

Matt walks the team through Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), a shared wireless spectrum that allows users to build their own LTE networks.

Chris Webb of the Black Brilliance Research Project lays out how a digital stewardship program in Detroit helped inspire his work.


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