Stress Less Accomplish More: 3 Tips For Harnessing Your Focus

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Find your way to stress less accomplish more by starting with your focus. It would be nice if you had more time to get it done. Everyone wants to find more time. Recently, the clocks set back to normal time from Daylight Saving Time, and several people asked me what I had done with my extra hour. I was shocked that they got an extra hour in their day, mine came with 24 hours as always. 

Despite the debacle that is DST, we all only get 24 hours in each day. And yet we are always looking for more time. This article is to help you understand the difference is not in the number of hours in the day but the focus with which each hour is invested.

I started my day without a plan. I knew what needed to be done, but I didn’t specifically have a plan for how to get it done. At the end of the day, I still had an idea of what I needed to do but I hadn’t done very much of it.

I did a lot of stuff that day, just not much of what I had originally thought of doing. 

I started the day with a focus list, written down in a place I could see it. Throughout the day, I reviewed the list and used it to do a little bit more. At the end of the day, almost everything on my list had been completed.

It’s not about thinking of things to do or wanting things to do, or even changing the time so that you “get an extra hour.” It all comes back to doing all you can where you are with what you have. It takes intentional action to build your success – ALWAYS!

stress less accomplish more

Stress Less Accomplish More

Building a business online or expanding your business potential requires resources. Stress depletes those resources. Instead of holding out for another hour each March, find ways to reduce stress so you can get more done with the 24 hours you actually have.

Know Why

Until you truly understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, you won’t be able to do all you are capable of doing. 

Why are you building the business?

Why are you focusing on the product?

Why do your customers want the product?

Why are you the one to do it?

Why makes the way.

1. Harness Your Why

You have to capture the power of your why and funnel that into purposeful actions. Without that funnel, your power will flutter from place to place. Remember, thousands and thousands of people saw the power of lightning. It took a key and a kite and the determination of one man to begin to harness the power.

You don’t have to have all the most expensive tools to make it happen. All you really need is a willingness to harness the power. Once you harness the power of your why it becomes even easier to stress less and accomplish more with that power.

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2. Know When to Say When

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you need to do it. Sometimes the best path to your success merges with someone else. You can design your own website, and the power of Kadence WP and Kadence Blocks makes it easier than ever, but if it’s not part of your why then you might be better served by investing resources into hiring a website designer for WordPress site development. 

The more you harness the power of your unique why the more you will be able to know when to say when. Developing a solid foundation for when to say yes and when to say no leads to stress less accomplish more situations.

3. Hold Your Focus

Distractions will knock you out of the pattern of success faster than anything else. How many times have you been focused on getting things done only to have a notification ping you and send you down a rabbit trail.

Holding tight to your focus is the second most important part of building your success (with defining that focus being first). You interrupt the distractions around you by having a review plan in place that you can activate throughout the day. 

Keep Moving to Get More Done

Even with the right focus and determined steps, it can be easy to stop or to rest on the coasting. 

Many years ago, my friend and I borrowed her mother’s car to go out. We had the key, but her mother was asleep and we didn’t want to wake her (for reasons I refuse to explain on the account it might incriminate me). We needed to push the car to the end of the street.

I got behind the car and she opened the driver’s side door to steer and push at the same time. It took everything we had to get that car to move that first inch, but once it started it was easy to build up speed. 

We aren’t much different than that car. We can have the key but it takes everything we have to get going. If we keep investing once we get moving then we can keep moving. 

Moving Harnesses Your Focus

  • Action begets action. When I do something then I am motivated to do something. The action of doing ignites the action to do something more.
  • You have to do something if you want it done. It won’t happen spontaneously. It requires intentional investment. But once you start doing  then the doing goes faster.
  • Momentum moves things. Movement creates the current for things to be pulled along and moved along.
  • Don’t stop. Even if you want to take a break, find a way to keep doing. Remember once you stop moving it takes more energy to get started again.

I don’t care how much power, brilliance, or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants. – Zig Ziglar

Stress Less Accomplish More with Intenional Actions

Just do it. No matter how great your business plan, how big your dream, or how bold your vision, you can’t make it a reality without action. 

Six years ago, Shia Labeouf made a great YouTube video about taking intentional actions. It goes along perfectly with the quote above. You have to do it to get it done. It is that simple and that challenging.

Don’t Wait

Start now. Take one step today towards the life you want to live. It doesn’t have to be big as long as you take it.

Take Time

Take time in the morning to look at your day. Take time at night to review how things went. Make adjustments as necessary. The sooner you notice trouble the easier it will be to correct the ship.

Help Others

Be invested in being relentlessly helpful WITHOUT expectation of return. Helping not only gets you moving, but it also provides stress relief through your actions.

The key to getting more done begins not with extra time, but by doing more with the time you have. You do more with the time you have when you are focused on what you need to do and why you need to do it. 

The more you hone your focus, the more you will find your ways to stress less accomplish more towards your business success.

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stress less accomplish more

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