The Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2021

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The best WordPress survey plugins help you connect with your customers and site visitors with surveys. These WordPress plugins allow you to quickly build survey forms, publish them on your WordPress website, and record responses that you can view and download.

Surveys are still one of the best ways to get genuine feedback from your website visitors. With the first-hand data you gather, you can make smart and informed decisions on how to best grow your traffic, improve your offerings, boost more sales, and ultimately grow your business faster than ever.

If you haven’t added survey capabilities on your website yet, we explored several of the best WordPress survey plugins. In this article, we scoured the internet and hand-picked the best WordPress survey plugins that are available in features and in functionality.  Let’s get started!

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    What is a WordPress Survey Plugin?

    A WordPress survey plugin works similarly to other online survey platforms, except the survey, poll, or quiz is integrated into your WordPress website.

    Instead of using an off-site or separate web-based survey system, you can create, design and publish your survey forms directly from your WordPress dashboard.

    Some WordPress survey plugins offer embeddable code, while other builders provide seamless WordPress integrations. You can then analyze the data from the surveys, quizzes, and polls within the plugin to create actionable data.

    Note: WordPress survey plugins are often called WordPress forms plugins. These plugins allow you to create forms for the purpose of surveys.

    There are many WordPress survey plugins available, both free and premium. It’s easy to instantly opt for a free WordPress survey plugin simply because it’s free. However, many of those options provide limited customization and generate narrow results when collecting your website visitors’ feedback.

    Though many free WordPress surveys include ample features, premium WordPress survey plugins allow you to take your survey endeavors a bit further by offering even more advanced features. These can be especially useful as your customer base grows.

    If you want to add a survey form to your WordPress site, then you need to make sure you’re using the best WordPress survey plugin for the job.

    best wordpress survey plugins

    Why You Need a WordPress Survey Plugin

    Before we go to the process of choosing the best WordPress survey plugin, let’s get into why you need to add surveys to your WordPress sites.

    Most business sites overlook the power of feedback and surveys. Whether it’s a customer satisfaction survey, employee feedback, or comments from anonymous viewers, you don’t have to contract expensive developers to learn what your visitors think. Your survey form will collect those data for you.

    There are so many advantages and good points of having a survey form on your website.

    • First, surveys allow you to quickly and clearly understand the preferences and interests of your users. This, in turn, enables you to deliver contents for your users that are appealing and interesting.
    • Second, surveys generate more user interaction and engagement with your website, and the details that you collect from the surveys can be used for practical purposes. 
    • Third, you can prioritize and target your audience based on the respondent’s profile and their preferences. Promoting and marketing your business on your website is easier when you know your clients better and understand exactly what they are looking for.

    Often, when you’re creating your website, you determine what your visitors want to see by just making guesses. There’s nothing better than accurate user feedback to improve your business and website. 

    If you have a deep and first-hand understanding of your market and customers’ needs, then you might be in the right position to cater to their demands and boost your sales and the success of your business.

    What To Look for in a WordPress Survey Plugin

    Now that you know why you need to have a WordPress survey plugin on your website, let’s discuss which features you need to look for in a survey plugin. 

    Here are the key aspects you should consider in choosing the best survey plugin:

    • Design Features: The best survey plugins should help you generate as many responses as possible with advanced features such as conditional logic, multi-page forms, and even form abandonment to save partial entries.
    • Reporting Features: You need a plugin that will give you actionable reports that are easy to understand at a glance without analyzing the volume of raw numbers. It would also help if you considered how you want to share the survey results. If you want to display the products on your website, you will need a plugin to embed the survey results in a presentable format.
    • Ease of Use: Even if it’s the most advanced survey plugin in the world, if it’s too hard to use, then it’s useless. It would help if you looked for a plugin with survey features that are easy to use for everyone, even beginners.
    • Pricing: The right plugin for the right price. Though you’re investing in your website, you don’t want to get ripped off by plugins that charge too much for too little.
    • With drag-and-drop builders for easy and fast form creation and minimal use of code.
    • Export tools for compiled data to make charts and other items.
    • Aggregated survey results with filters for locating the most critical information.
    • Multiple user interaction buttons and boxes.
    • Prebuilt templates to immediately launch a survey.
    • Responsiveness for viewing on mobile devices.
    • Options for real-time survey results.
    • Customization tools and options to add logos, branded colors, and complementary media items.

    There are so many options you can choose from to collect users’ feedback on your WordPress site. Some WordPress users ask users to leave comments, add a contact form, create polls, and more. It would help if you made it engaging, fun, and easy to get maximum user participation.

    A useful WordPress survey plugin makes your form look great, and it’s easy to use. Reporting is also crucial for surveys. Ensure that you can store user-submitted data with an option to export it so that you can analyze it using spreadsheet or CRM software.

    Now that you know what to look for, let’s get started and look at the best survey plugins for WordPress.

    The Best WordPress Survey Plugins Compared

    To help you choose the best WordPress survey plugin, we tested multiple WordPress survey and WordPress forms plugins to highlight the features that each plugin provides, from simple to complex.

    We’ve included both free and premium plugin options, so you can also decide your level of investment. Each plugin includes information on features, pros, cons, pricing, and our final verdict. Let’s dive in.

    Quiz and Survey Master

    Quiz and Survey Master

    About Quiz and Survey Master

    Quiz and Survey Master is a free WordPress survey plugin for designing surveys. It helps you to discover how your landing pages or courses perform. 

    The Quiz And Survey Master WordPress plugin offers a comprehensive suite of products and features to build surveys for WordPress pages and posts.

    This plugin has minimalistic design elements and a visual bloc builder. It serves as a reliable option for those who would instead focus more on doing surveys instead of other plugin forms with survey elements just added on.

    This will help you easily create surveys for users and customize text, questions, and messages that appear after user submissions. 

    The Quiz and Survey Master plugin is a flexible solution that includes quizzes along with the surveys. 

    Quiz and Survey Master Pros

    Quiz And Survey Master is simple to use and is specially designed for surveys and quizzes for WordPress sites.

    With this plugin, you can require users to log in to your form and take a quiz. This feature will instantly eliminate not so interested viewers and attracts only those who are sure to avail of your products or subscribe to your site.

    This plugin also has auto-scheduling and time limit features and tracks how long the users take on the survey.

    Quiz and Survey Master Cons

    Quiz And Survey Master plugin is packed with useful features to make up for its not-so-user-friendly interface. Also, you need to buy a premium $10+ add-on to integrate with Mailchimp to grow your email list. Its free version will always display ads on your WP dashboard.

    Quiz and Survey Master Pricing

    This plugin is available for free. But you can purchase the Quiz And Survey Master addons for $10+ each to get more advanced integrations like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more.

    Our Opinion on Quiz and Survey Master

    Quiz and Survey Master doesn’t have the friendliest user interface. But this plugin is well documented with many useful features.

    The free plugin allows you to create surveys with standard form fields, and you can even create multi-page surveys. You can add quizzes in WordPress with interactive answers, leaderboards, and scoring. This plugin is perfect for surveys and quizzes for your WordPress site, as its name suggests.



    About FormCraft

    FormCraft is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps WordPress users create all types of WordPress forms, including surveys. 

    This plugin gives you a live drag and drops customization feature with complete flexibility, and you also get pre-made templates to make the form creation simpler.

    With this survey plugin, you can limit the number of responses to a survey and integrate with email, like sending autoresponders to survey participants.

    FormCraft Pros

    Formcraft comes with unique color schemes and background features that give you a wide range of options to customize your WordPress website.

    One notable feature of Formcraft is the integrations with plugins like MailPoet, Mailchimp, ReCAPTCHA, etc.

    This plugin also has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use. This WordPress survey plugin also has an integrated analytics window for easy and readily available survey data analysis.

    FormCraft Cons

    There is no specific template for survey forms that are being offered by Formcraft; you can only select from other available template types and customize it based on your needs.

    FormCraft Pricing

    Get this paid plugin for $35 via CodeCanyon or try the free version at

    Our Opinion on FormCraft

    Formcraft is designed for all types of forms. If you’re looking for a survey plugin to create specific types of forms, then this plugin is your best option.


    About Crowdsignal

    Crowdsignal is a powerful and efficient WordPress plugin for creating surveys made by Automattic, the same people who created, Jetpack, and the WooCommerce plugin.

    Crowdsignal includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to help you build your surveys quickly.

    You can choose from 20 unique styling options for your questionnaires. It is highly customizable, providing full control over your ratings.

    Once you get some survey results, you can analyze them with helpful charts and graphs.

    Crowdsignal Pros

    With Crowdsignal, you can build a form in just a few clicks using its drag and drop builder. Also, the customization options are fantastic. You can have full control over your forms and their content. You can easily generate reports for the survey campaign.

    Crowdsignal Cons

    Compared to other survey plugins in this list, Crowdsignal is not as simple. You can look for tutorials or ask for support when you encounter difficulties in using this plugin. 

    The free version includes Crowdsignal branding, which is a big issue for some business owners who want their forms to be fully labeled under their brand.

    Crowdsignal Pricing

    The free plan of Crowdsignal offers limited features. Crowdsignal Pro plans with more sophisticated features can be availed at $17 per month.

    Our Opinion on Crowdsignal

    The Crowdsignal is easy to use if you already have background knowledge on creating survey forms. For beginners, this plugin is not as simple compared to other plugins.

    WP Poll

    About WP Poll

    WP Poll is a WordPress survey plugin that comes with quiz features and graphical poll reporting. You can design a survey form with fantastic styles.

    Choose from 5 unique timer styles to make the survey form more engaging or even change animations for multiple selections. You can get WP Poll pro to get features like locking content until users answer a poll and social share buttons.

    WP Poll Pros

    With WP Poll, you can reset the survey results to start a new survey and save space.

    There are 7+ input type animation effects that you can use along with eight different themes for each survey giving you more design and flexibility options.

    WP Poll Cons

    One significant disadvantage of using the WP Poll plugin is that there is no drag-and-drop builder. It will be confusing for beginners to create your survey forms, and for that, this plugin is not so beginner-friendly.

    WP Poll Pricing

    WP Poll is a freemium plugin. The pro version costs $29 per month.

    Our Opinion on WP Poll

    WP Poll is a useful survey plugin that gives you the features you need for your WordPress website. It is best for experienced WordPress users and not so for beginners.


    WP Forms

    About WPForms

    WPForms is a popular WordPress form plugin used as a survey plugin with its premium version that comes with dedicated reporting features.

    You can install the WPForms lite from the WordPress plugin directory to create a survey form using its drag-and-drop builder. 

    The free version of WPForms gives you access to standard fields like email, multi-choice questions, name, dropdown, single-line text, and checkboxes.

    To add advanced features like rating, Net Promoter Score, and more, you’ll need to purchase the premium version. The premium version also adds a reporting dashboard to help you analyze your results and integrations with a ton of popular email marketing services.

    WPForms Pros

    WPForms has a beginner-friendly interface that helps you create survey forms just as you want, or choose from pre-built survey form templates available in the Pro version.

    This plugin lets you create a custom ‘thank-you’ message or redirect the user to a different page. The Pro version gives you a dashboard where you can analyze survey responses.

    WPForms Cons

    The free version of WPForms doesn’t include any dedicated templates and specific features for the survey.

    WPForms Pricing

    While you can create basic surveys with the free version, going Pro is the more suitable option for the best survey experience, which costs $199.50.

    Our Opinion on WPForms

    WPForm is a good Form plugin but has limited features to be used for survey forms.

    Gravity Forms

    When it comes to premium WordPress form builders, Gravity Forms is considered top-notch due to its abundance of advanced features, such as third party integrations using one of the many add-ons, that make it easy to manage all of your survey plugin needs in one place. It also includes its own built-in tools to help easily embed the forms into your WordPress powered site.

    Gravity Forms

    Some other features include:

    • Quick and easy to build forms
    • Enables users to build more complex forms
    • Make your surveys more interactive by adding other important survey fields
    • NO programming required
    • Enables third party integrations, including Stripe, PayPal, and more, via optional add ons
    • Includes a rank field so your visitors can rank specific items on your survey
    • Supports both radio and ratings buttons

    More WordPress Survey Plugins to Consider

    Modal Survey Premium

    Modal Survey Premium is considered one of the best poll plugins, and was even voted #1 best WordPress Survey Plugin on Codecanyon, with countless surveys and strategically designed to help you get the best responses, which can then be displayed via pie chart, text format, or progress bar.

    It also gives you the option to display your content or poll as a modal style, and you can even create Customer Feedback or Customer Satisfaction Surveys on your pages using a Visual Poll Builder.

    Some other features include:

    • Display answers by open text, date, number, select box, and more.
    • Numerous WordPress styles to choose from
    • Display information via simple text format, progress bar, or pie chart
    • Show custom messages based on the responses
    • Trivia Quiz offers a share button to post quiz results on Facebook, which helps increase the chance of your content going viral, as well as traffic for your website
    • Help increase sales using the Product Recommendation option
    • Supports Personality Tests as well as Business Tests


    RafflePress enables you to grow your website, traffic, social media following, and more, with viral contests and giveaways, and it also does so using drag and drop builder, so there are no confusing codes. It also displays the results in a clear-cut, simple to understand way. Users can also gain extra entries by completing bonus actions.

    Some other features include:

    • Distraction-free giveaway landing page
    • Helps eliminate fraud entries by enabling a 1-click entry
    • Mobile friendly
    • Maximize conversion goals with advanced success tracking and re-targeting features
    • Connects to many email marketing services to help increase your email list, as well as your poll subscribers
    • Is easy to set up, and it also includes Google Analytics
    • Supports up to 5 languages

    Reputation Management Survey WordPress Plugin

    The Reputation Management Survey WordPress Plugin enables you to get customer input on products and services you provide them, and then allows your satisfied customers to be directed to directory sites, such as Yelp and Google+, which helps increase word-of-mouth referrals as well as your traffic.

    In the event an unhappy customer leaves a comment on one of the integrated directories, you will receive an alert, after which time you can contact the unhappy customer to try to address the issue before he or she spreads their discontent with their family and friends.

    Some other features include:

    • Easy to setup
    • Allows you to develop a question page and then allows your
      customers to respond using a one to five-star rating
    • Asks up to five questions, but you can add more or less if you’d like
    • Five or four-star responses get sent to a thank you page
    • Allows you to also configure the plugin to send the surveyor an email automatically right after taking the survey
    • Social media integrations

    Pollify-Simple WordPress Widget

    The Pollify-Simple WordPress Widget also makes it easy and simple to create impressive, simple to use polls for your WordPress page with the use of a widget, and it also includes a host of elegant designs.

    Some other features include:

    • Animated bars and elegant design
    • Multiple layers of security
    • Display results by number or percentage
    • Integrates with Google Analytics
    • Select startup date and end date
    • Option to share
    • Supports shortcode
    • RTL support

    Forms by Captain Forms

    Forms by Captain Forms is considered the “captain” or form building. Using this plugin, users can also build completely customized forms from a choice of over 20 different forms and field types, and it is also responsive, so it looks good on a wide range of devices.

    Some other features include:

    • Forms allow you to receive files or upload attachments, such as PDFs and other images
    • Also enables you to create credit card payment forms
    • Enables 3rd party integrations, such as MailChimp
    • Publish surveys and forms as popups, in posts, or in pages, and more
    • Confirmation emails and custom thank you webpage
    • Enables customers to save and continue their progress for later
    • Can be used on multi site networks
    • Data can be saved in various ways, including reports and charts

    Opinion Stage

    Opinion Stages’ Social Polls is a free survey plugin that allows users to develop fun, eye-catching polls, surveys, and forms, using exciting features, such as Buzzfeed-style and Facebook-style quizzes that increase your chances of going viral on social networks, slideshows, and more. This gathers your visitors’ interests and opinions in a fun and appealing way. And you can do so by either developing your own custom template or by using one of the hundreds of free SEO optimized templates.

    It also enables many integrations, such as email with some of the most prominent marketing and email services, MailChimp, API, and Webhook integration.

    Some other features include:

    • Option to display automatic popup as visitors leave or enter the page
    • Email notification when a survey or quiz is submitted
    • Survey and poll results displayed in real-time
    • Enables you to determine which question is asked next based on the previous response
    • Integrate videos and images into the surveys and other questionnaires
    • Add your own logo

    Yop Polls

    Yop Poll plugin is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to gain a more in-depth look into your visitors’ behavior as compared to other survey plugins.

    For instance, with Yop Poll, users still enjoy easy integration of the plugin into their web-page, which also enables you to manage the polls via your WordPress dashboard, but they are also not limited to just single answer surveys. Instead, users can create multiple answer surveys, and they can also simultaneously run more than one survey at a time, or they can schedule the surveys to run consecutively.

    It also enables users to add custom fields to ask for more information from their voters that can then be used to build an even more effective campaign.

    Some other features include:

    • Polls can be viewed by number of votes, by date, or by question
    • Accessibility to voting limited to registered users and guests
    • Blocks user access by cookies, username, or IP
    • Display answers horizontally or vertically
    • Reset statistics each time you start a new poll
    • Poll results can be displayed if and whenever you’d like, including on a custom date, after or before the vote, or after the poll’s end date


    Getsitecontrol is packed full of exciting features, including live chats, follow and share social media tools, and promo messages, which is just perfect for site owners looking for more oomph in their online visitor surveys.

    It also enables you to create your own contact form for your website using custom templates and custom fields for more personalized surveys based on your specific requirements.

    Some other features include:

    • Mobile responsive
    • Receive instant notification each time a visitor sends a message
    • Real time statistics
    • Targeted email opt in forms
    • Target audience by location, language, traffic source, and more
    • Track widgets’ performance with Google Analytics
    • CSS editor to tailor your pop up designs
    • Display popups based on custom action-based factors, such as how far visitors scroll down, how much time they spent on the page,


    WP-Polls is a fairly new but widely popular survey plugin. It could be attractive because of its simplicity. It enables users to easily customize their survey plugins via CSS or template options.

    Some other features include:

    • Supports multiple answers to choose from
    • Beginner friendly
    • Simple and straightforward plugin
    • Enables check-boxes and circular buttons for visitors to select your polls
    • Results instantly displayed after visitors submit their vote
    • Show poll in a specific page or post as well as the sidebar
    • Data storing allows you to see IP addresses, so you can filter out duplicate votes

    WordPress Survey & Poll

    WordPress Survey & Poll provides a wide variety of options to obtain visitor information, which can then be displayed using an impressive, animated graph, and unlike many other survey plugins, it also doesn’t require users to log in.

    The surveys are also highly customizable, so you can create your own survey design using the color, font family and size, padding, and more, of your choice for added appeal.

    Some other features include:

    • Uses cookies to avoid duplicate entries
    • Surveys can appear at the bottom, middle, or top of the page
    • Polls can automatically open via a modal window, display it with a click of a link, or embed the survey to any post or pages using shortcodes
    • Works well with mobiles and tablets, as well as with most major browsers
    • Over 20 animation types lets you create custom polls that impress your visitors
    • Fixed display with a special scroll effect


    eForms is another trusted survey plugin used by thousands of website owners worldwide that enables all types of data collection from surveys to quizzes and even third party payment integrations. Users can also use Gutenberg block or shortcode to display the reports to the online world.

    Some other features include:

    • Powerful tools for building forms
    • Submission information can be converted into various charts, including line bar charts and pie bar charts
    • Includes WooCommerce for accepting bank payments and more
    • Easy third party integration with top leading newsletter providers and more
    • Scoring can be done manually or automatically
    • Enables custom metadata
    • Ebables login via various social integrations
    • Support guest blog featured images

    Wrapping Up: The Survey Plugins for WordPress

    Surveys are the best way to collect details and get to know your audience better. They give a tremendous engagement factor and an excellent marketing method by targeting your viewers with content based on their interests.

    Ultimately, the best WordPress survey plugins work to put you much closer to your visitors and customers, thus also helping to reduce your bounce rate; however, the key is to play around with different plugins until you find the right one for you. And, you don’t pay huge prices to select a good plugin, as there are just as many free ample-featured plugins as there are premium plugins. You can take your time and explore the list of free options to get the hang of it. Then, as time goes on, or as your needs grow, you may want to switch to a more premium version for more advanced features.

    Hopefully, you have a better idea of why and how to use a survey plugin for your WordPress website. With this knowledge, you can take advantage of how WordPress survey plugins benefit your site and the types of benefits you can get when you start running your surveys.

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