The Overflow #109: Developers and the Great Resignation

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Welcome to ISSUE #109 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: what the Great Resignation means for developers, the team helping underserved communities build their own LTE networks, and why Canon is telling customers how to defeat its DRM.

From the blog

The Great Resignation is here. What does that mean for developers?
Nearly two years into the pandemic, many Americans are reevaluating their relationship with work—and developers are leading the way.

Stack Gives Back 2021
One of our most loved traditions is Stack Gives Back. Every year since 2009, we’ve surveyed Stack Exchange moderators about charities they would like to support and then donated $100 on behalf of each moderator. Here’s how the donations were distributed this year.

Podcast 405: Helping communities build their own LTE networks
The home team talks with Esther Jang, Matt Johnson, and Chris Webb of Seattle’s Local Connectivity Lab, a nonprofit that works in concert with the University of Washington to facilitate community-focused technology development and research.

Getting the developer experience right promotion
The team from Pusher talks about the lessons they’ve learned since they started building tools for developers over a decade ago and how the future of the developer experience looks from where they’re standing.

Interesting questions

What is the lowest point below sea level that a human can go?
“They probably won’t come out alive due to heat and lack of oxygen, but that was never stated as a requirement.”

Why do I need the root password when mounting an internal drive in Linux?
What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Nginx enable site command
“Good programmers write code, great programmers steal code.”

Are Python mixins an anti-pattern?
Are static analysis tools all-knowing?

Canon can’t get enough toner chips, so it’s telling customers how to defeat its DRM
Major printer brands have ways to check cartridges for authenticity, but Canon is showing customers how to get around this. Here’s hoping this leads to lower prices for <strike>unicorn blood</strike> printer ink in the future!

The web doesn’t have version numbers
Web versioning is marketing, plain and simple. This is a good dive into why we should look past the limited scope of “web3” branding.

Don’t fight the cascade, control it!
The cascade in Cascading Style Sheets is often both a blessing and a curse. With the tooling we have today, though, we can lean more into the “blessing” part.

The State of WebAssembly: 2021 and 2022
With more browser and feature support, WebAssembly is expanding its reach into many of the technologies we use today.

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