The Overflow #72: From personal trainer to frontend mentor

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Welcome to ISSUE #72 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. Spring is in the air, and here’s what’s in this newsletter: our CEO talks about the changes we’re undertaking to thrive long term, tips on reverse engineering, and the many definitions of hand drawn in games.

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Accelerating Stack Overflow’s transformation
The latest post from our CEO focuses on two strategic priorities: Product-led Transformation and Predictable and Reliable Financial Performance, both of which add value to our community and our customers by allowing us to continue to support and resource them better.

Access broader knowledge with Unified Search
Bringing public Stack Overflow questions and answers to your private Teams

Podcast 334: A curious journey from personal trainer to frontend mentor
We chat React, Tailwind, and Three.JS with Matt Studdert, founder of a new platform for learning to code.

JetBrains Space – everything your team needs in a single platform promotion
A single platform that combines entire software development pipelines of any scale and team collaboration. Host git repositories, review code, automate your CI/CD, store and publish packages, manage issues and documents, and communicate with your team. Get started with a free plan for unlimited users.

Interesting questions

Why are tar.xz files 15x smaller when using Python’s tar library compared to macOS tar?
Sorting makes for a smaller tarball. 

Advice on how to attack my first reverse engineering project?
If it was made by humans, you should be able to find a spec for it. 

Is it possible to create a “digital seal” to tell if a document has been opened?
Short answer: no. Longer answer: maybe…. 

How does functional programming achieve no runtime exceptions?
Your functions can’t fail if they don’t define failure states.

How to build a table of contents in React
This is a great tutorial for making your content easily navigable with your own table of contents.

Why we moved from Lambda to ECS
There are many pros and cons to consider when shifting architectures, and this posts covers a good amount for their case.

Generating (and solving!) Sudoku puzzles in CSS
Messing with code to do what it’s NOT intended to do is always a good time!

What is a hand-drawn game? Depends on who you ask
Games are often-described as hand-drawn. Here’s many definitions of “hand drawn” in games.

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