The Overflow #91: Observability Is The Future (of Your DevOps Career)

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Welcome to ISSUE #91 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. This week: scaling front-end design with a system, helping fighter jets score hits with radar, and ignoring the front-end development scene without missing a beat.

From the blog

Scaling front end design with a design system
Building the same UI components over and over? There is a better way.

Observability is key to the future of software (and your DevOps career)
Observability platforms enable you to easily figure out what’s happening with every request and to identify the cause of issues fast. It’s a valuable skill to have, even if it’s not your full time career.

Podcast 373: Authorization is complex. Oso is a library designed to help you structure it.
What if it was as easy to add authorization logic to your app as it was to add user authentication?

How to use low-code to accelerate application development  promotion
Join experts from DevOps Institute and AWS in this webinar to explore low-code development, best-fit use cases, practical tools for developers and how to achieve your application delivery goals with AWS. 

Interesting questions

Using LINQ to generate prime numbers
Want to ace your next technical interview? Thanks to Shujaat Hussain for the heads up!

How is radar used to help aiming a gun on fighter jets?
Radar can get you a whole bunch of information that your eyeballs just can’t.

Why are optical disc drives slower than hard disk drives?
It’s probably because you keep putting your fingers on the DVD. 

Why can PPPoE connect to a gateway which is not in the same subnet?
The clue to the answer is in the name of the protocol: PPP over Ethernet.

Vector? Raster? Why not both!
Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you want to use a vector, like an SVG, or a raster, like a PNG… what if you didn’t have to choose just one?

A Guide to React Context and useContext() Hook
When you’re building React apps, folks often think that you have to use the Context API to share state. It’s optional, and this guide dives into both good and bad use cases.

I completely ignored the front end development scene for six months. It was fine
In tech, we think we have to stay on top of everything, or we’ll become irrelevant. That is not the case! Rach Smith makes some great points here if you ever are worried about keeping up.

Facebook’s Golang object relational mapper moves to the Linux Foundation
If you love something, let it Go. Facebook’s Go entity framework Ent has moved to the Linux Foundation! 

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