What is iThemes Hosting?

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Imagine if you no longer had to worry about plugin updates or backups? iThemes hosting offers all the benefits of managed WordPress hosting, without the cost of managed services!

It is always our intent to offer customers everything needed to run, launch and manage WordPress sites and now we can! If you’re running plugin updates, installing plugins, and creating customized reports for clients, iThemes Hosting is a great fit. And true to iThemes we created an easy to use dashboard that makes it easy to manage WordPress websites. 

If you’re running plugin updates, installing plugins, and creating customized reports for clients, iThemes Hosting is a great fit.

What is iThemes Sync?

Sync allows you to connect any WordPress site in a single dashboard, no matter where it is hosted. This means you can run all the management tasks for WordPress sites under management while updating plugins, running backups, installing plugins across multiple sites at once, connecting analytics, security and more. Sync allows you to generate regular reports to clients that details work accomplished on the website while showcasing the value. 

With rising costs from vendors like CPanel, many hosting companies are searching for alternatives. When you combine iThemes Hosting and Sync it gives you freedom from CPanel, which helps eliminate constant price increases.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about being a server admin or having your hosting company forcing WordPress upgrades.

iThemes Sync gives you confidence to run your sites without a lot of overhead. Gone are the days when you have to worry about being a server admin or having your hosting company forcing WordPress upgrades. iThemes understands there may be a reason to run older versions of WordPress or WooCommerce for specific clients. In a Managed WordPress environment you do not get the choice, but iThemes Hosting and Sync gives you the freedom to run your sites based on your specific needs. 

iThemes Hosting and Sync is the solution for freedom

How to use iThemes Hosting and Sync Pro to power your WordPress website.

iThemes Hosting is not really shared hosting. It is built across multiple  servers which allows us to utilize load balancers to intelligently route website traffic through the fastest server. The same infrastructure that runs FIFA.com runs iThemes Hosting, giving us confidence that our customers will have the best experience. 

iThemes Hosting is Easy to Use

It only takes a few minutes for the dashboard to create a temporary domain and a template site. During this short time, WordPress is installed, a database is created, a theme is applied and an SSL certification is issued. Each time  you change the domain in the dashboard a new SSL certificate is issued, giving you peace of mind when it comes to security. 

If you use software like Coda, you can upload and edit your theme and have easy access to SFTP. It only takes a minute to access  the directory that hosts your site. You can also, more easily, access your database or use phpMyAdmin. These options aren’t  always available with a traditional Managed WordPress host, but at iThemes you have the freedom to access all the technical elements needed  for your site. Thanks to our magic migration within BackupBuddy, migrations are built into the dashboard to easily move your sites over to iThemes Hosting.

More than Hosting it is a Management Tool

With iThemes Hosting you also receive  licenses for BackupBuddy, Security Pro and Sync all in one. If you have purchased the Plugin Suite already, iThemes Hosting allows additional licenses. The iThemes Toolkit also includes a 2, 10 or 25 site plan. Within the Sync dashboard you can view  all your posts, pages and comments. This means you can approve, edit or duplicate pages on multiple websites within one screen. For example, you can apply new privacy policies on all of your sites under management at one time. This will save you so much time from logging in to multiple sites! 

Uploading multiple plugins to websites using iThemes Hosting and Sync

You can see Search Console data, optimize the database, view and change basic WordPress settings, and adjust media settings. In just a matter of seconds, you can view, restore or create a backup in the Sync Dashboard. All of these actions are documented and sent to your customers in an automated report. This shows the customer the work you’re doing for them, which provides more value to your packages.  

Installing Plugins

When looking at the Sync dashboard you can add plugins to single or multiple sites at the same  time. You’ll find iThemes products listed in the dashboard or by searching the WordPress.org directory. As you make choices Sync creates an “installation queue” showing you which plugins will  be installed on the sites you have chosen. The best feature is the ability to choose e from “your favorites” from WordPress.org. Sync automatically shows your favorites, making it simple to add to your installation queue. 

Setting up plugins for iThemes Hosting

Sync Pro Features

Uptime monitoring can be added for free with iThemes Hosting. This allows you to receive alerts if a site goes down, while also showing history. This information is also included in the automated report, providing proof to your clients that you constantly keep their sites running strong. 

Reporting sent to your clients can be customized. For example, if a customer doesn’t run Google Analytics, you can leave that off the report. It will show user accounts, uptime, Yoast SEO details, updates, database optimizations and so much more. You can create a report on demand or schedule how frequently it is sent. Reports are saved as an HTML file until you go in and delete the report. They are white labeled allowing you to use your company’s branding which ultimately builds your value with the customer. 

Choices for report contents for clients

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