PEP 679: Allow parentheses in assert statements

This pep proposes to allow parentheses surrounding the two-subject form of
assert statements. This will cause the interpreter to reinterpret what before
would have been an assert with a two-element tuple that will always be True
(assert (expression, me...

Python 3.10.0a5 is now available for testing

 Well, this one took a bit more time due to some surprise last time reference leaks and release blockers to fix, but now Python 3.10.0a5 it’s here. Will this be the first release announcements of the 3.10 series without copy-paste typos? Go get it...

Python 3.10.0a4 is now available for testing

 Happy new year to all of you. I hope you all have a great start of the year! And how to best celebrate that we have left 2020 behind that with a new Python alpha release? :) Go get it here:

Python 3.8.7 is now available

Python 3.8.7 is the seventh maintenance release of Python 3.8. Go get it here: this is a bugfix release for the 3.8 series which was superseded by Python 3.9, currently the latest feature release...

PyPI Now Supports Two-Factor Login via WebAuthn

To further increase the security of Python package downloads, we're adding a new beta feature to the Python Package Index: WebAuthn support for U2F compatible hardware security keys as a two-factor authentication (2FA) login security method. This is th...

Python 3.8.0b1 is now available for testing

The time has come for Python 3.8.0b1! Download it from:

This release is the first of four planned beta release previews. Beta
release previews are intended to give the wider community the